Scheduled purchase: what it is and how it works

Scheduled purchase: what it is and how it works

Buying a house is everyone’s dream, but unfortunately it’s not constantly simple. In evidence, to authorize mortgage petitions online or at a real sector, banks impose part of the tax of the property, usually corresponding to 20% of the price, to be paid by the customer. When this is not possible, there are alternative solutions to rent, that is, the purchase with redemption or the planned purchase . Here’s what it is.

What is redemption purchase

When the bank does not approve the loan request because the sum to pay the non-loanable amount is not available , those who dream of becoming an owner are faced with the possibility of having to give up their home forever because having to pay the rent, it is difficult to even set aside the money to pay 20% of the final price

On the other hand, the rent money is lost forever. This does not mean having to give up because there are alternative solutions. The first is the purchase with purchase also known as rent to buy. The formula allows you to stipulate a future sale contract , but you can go immediately to occupy the property.

Legislative discipline

The purchase or rent with redemption is regulated in a timely manner . It is a formula that can be considered as a rental, only that at the end of the contract the lessee can decide to buy the property by deducting the price paid for the rental of the property and therefore for a residual sum.

The first thing to say is that at the end of the contract’s validity period , the lessee is free to buy or not the property while the lessor cannot refuse to conclude the sale. The contract stipulates that the lessee pays the fee on a monthly basis, part of which is charged to the rent, therefore to the simple enjoyment of the asset, while a second part is charged as an advance on the subsequent purchase. Therefore, the amount that must be paid monthly is higher than what the normal rental price would be , while the lost share is lower than what a normal lease would be.

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