How To Spot A Fake Super Clone Watch

How To Spot A Fake Super Clone Watch

One of the most-desired items in the industry, especially from those with an appetite for watches, is a fake Super Clone watch. The fakes have been around for years and have now reached an all-time high. There are several ways to tell if your watch is a fake or not.

The Second Hand May Not Move

The second hand on a genuine watch will move up and down in perfect synchronicity with each of the hour markers. There is a very small second hand movement visible on the genuine timepieces. This can be seen with the naked eye, and is quite a stark difference between the fake and genuine watches.

The Movement Will Run Harder

The movement of a real Patek Philippe super clone watch appears to be more uniform than on a genuine watch. Replica watches are observed to run much faster than the genuine watches. This leads to two possible conclusions; either there is more material used in the movement or the actual watchcase is being used as another portion of the case to house other components than just the movement itself.

The Serial Number is Distinct

The serial number on a real Super Clone watch is very different from the fake watches. The serial number on a genuine Super Clone watch contains several letters and numbers, whereas the replica watches have only serial numbers with no letters.

The Dial Colors are Off

Genuine Supers have a very distinct finish to their dials and the color variation is quite noticeable; the replica dials have a much more uniform color to them, although it’s not quite an exact match.

The Bracelet is Lightweight

The bracelet on a genuine Super Clone watch has a rugged feel to it and is heavy in weight. The replica version of the watch however feels hollow, light and quite cheap by comparison.

Clone Watches

Caseback May Not Fit Properly

If you have the two casebacks face to face, the genuine Super Clone watches seem to be very soft as though they are made from plastic or a different material than the replica version, which should fit much more snugly than its fake counterpart.

Bezel is Not 100% Square

The bezel on the genuine Super Clone watches do not sit completely on the watches case; they don’t quite sit flush with the case. The replica version of the watches however, sits directly on the case.

Hands Are Not Polished Well

The hands on a genuine Super Clone watch are very shinny and much brighter than those of the fake watches. The hands in a fake watch are more dull and lack luster altogether.

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