Locksmith Essential Tools of the Trade

Locksmith Essential Tools of the Trade

Locksmiths are professionals who specialize in the repair and installation of locks (such as deadbolts or padlocks) or security measures, such as locking systems to keep a business safe. As it is not possible to be a successful locksmith brighton with just on tool or do-it-yourself knowledge, you have to be well equipped with the tools of your trade.

Supplies and Tools

Before anything else, you need supplies: screws, door hinges, bolts, wire tensioners and more. Available in both hardware and locksmith supply stores, these supplies will be common to all locksmithing jobs.

Before working on any security device, it is important to have your tools available. The most important tool will be an apron for safety and convenience. Safety pins, measuring tape and a screwdriver are also essential.

Locksmithing Workbench

If you love tinkering with locks, you will most likely want to build your own workbench. Although the idea of building a workbench is very tempting, it is not advisable. Instead, you should make the most of your tools which are already in existence and purchase tools that will complement them. These include an angle-grinder, an air-driven sander and a reciprocating saw for cuts and shaping locks.

Your Set of Locksmithing Tools

The most commonly used tools are various planes, chisels, screwdrivers and hammers. As locksmiths need to operate tools that have sharp blades, it is wise to have a pair of safety glasses and earplugs on hand.

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Tools that are used in almost all lock tumblers include a bolt cutter and flat-nosed pliers. It is best to have two flat-nosed pliers so you can work with two different handles at the same time.

The Bolt Cutter

A bolt cutter, also known as a bolt cropper, is used to cut through bolts and heavy chains. This tool is needed when you have to cut off the lock that has been installed on your door or a surrounding fence. A standard bolt cutter requires two hands, but a simple lever can make it easier by letting you hold the bolt in place as you cut it with one hand. Most bolt cutters come with an adjustable blade which ensures even cutting and prevents damage to the surrounding area.

Safety Locks

The locking systems found in most commercial establishments are designed to prevent unauthorized entry. This means that they can also prevent you from entering if you don’t have the right key. A variety of tools are used to bypass these safety measures, including an electric code-cutter, a dial code-cutter and a lock Buster. The electric code-cutter is used to cut through the metal so you can dismantle the lock without damaging it.

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