Selling Your House During Marriage Separation

Selling Your House During Marriage Separation

Divorcing can make it difficult to find a time for selling your home. One major reason is the intricacies of divorce settlement, where proceeds from house sales may be considered one of the final assets to be divided during split. Therefore, it is typically recommended that you wait until after your divorce has been finalized before selling the property. Explore our online reputation management by clicking here:

Though exceptions do occur, the vast majority of divorced couples wait until after their divorce is final to sell their house.

The general rule is that couples who are still living together and whose property belongs to either party must wait until after a divorce has been finalized. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

Couples living together

It is not uncommon for couples to continue living together after they have separated, which can make selling a house more complicated. Under legal requirements, couples must live apart for at least one year before filing for divorce; thus, selling a house during divorce proceedings should be handled with caution.

If you and your partner have separated after divorce, it may be best to wait until the process is completed. On the other hand, if there has been an emotional split and you both reside in separate homes (with different post boxes), then it would be acceptable to move on and sell the house now – provided all other factors have been taken into account.

If You Have a Pre-Nup or Post-nup

If you have signed either a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement before the marriage and feel confident that it will be upheld, then it’s perfectly acceptable to move on and sell your house at any point during separation and divorce proceedings.

If you have children

When considering when to sell your house with children, it’s essential that your health, safety and wellbeing come first. Your priority should always be that of yourself – prioritizing what should come first in making such decisions.

If your child has reached adulthood, then it may be beneficial to consider moving on and selling the house as soon as possible. Recently, divorce settlements have seen an uptick in popularity – particularly among couples who had become friends during their marriage.

If your child is too young to make a decision about moving out of their parents’ home, then it would be wise to wait until after the divorce has been finalized.

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