Cheongsam Dress: Traditional Wedding Dress For Rent

Cheongsam Dress: Traditional Wedding Dress For Rent

Is your wedding day fast approaching? What wedding dress style and design do you dream of wearing? Do you follow regional and cultural customs? There are several wedding dresses from a cheongsam rental to make your dream wedding the most memorable day of your life.

White Western wedding dresses

In Western cultures, the traditional wedding dress is popular, commonly white gowns. The tradition became famous in the 19th century. It was after Queen Victoria had worn a white dress to her wedding to Prince Albert. It was the day that brides dreamed of wearing the same wedding gown in white.

Cheongsam or Chinese Qipao

Brides in Chinese culture wear a cheongsam or qipao, it is a form-fitting one-piece dress with a high collar. It is adorned with detailed embroidery and is considered a symbol of refinement and modesty. Cheongsam dress is a marker of Chinese identity. This is especially the case for older Chinese women, who regarded the cheongsam as an elegant and dignified formal dress reflecting their ethnic roots.

Can anyone wear a cheongsam to a wedding?

The tip here is to consider the season before selecting a cheongsam wedding dress. It has lighter fabric and a shorter style, suitable for summer and spring weddings. A richer fabric and longer sleeves are preferable for weddings in winter and fall. Yes, anyone can wear a cheongsam wedding dress.

There is no condition for wearing the Chinese cultural wedding dress. The wedding theme guides your choice of wedding cheongsam. If the wedding has a specific color scheme or theme, choose the Qipao, aligning harmoniously with the entire aesthetic. Choose the wedding cheongsam that aligns with your style and complements your body shape.

Qipaos are available in several designs and cuts, which allows you to find comfortable and flattering options for the celebration.

Why choose the traditional Chinese wedding attire?

Chinese brides choose Qipao or a traditional two-piece outfit called “Kwa” for the wedding day. Qipao is worn during the ceremony, while Kwa is worn for the tea ceremony and the other formalities. Choosing Kwa or Qipao the bride will be laden with cultural symbolism. The Cheongsam wedding dress symbolizes the following:

  • good fortune
  • prosperity
  • harmonious union

Chinese weddings are rich in traditions and customs. Understanding the significance of every ritual, like the exchange of gifts and or tea ceremony will add depth to the experience of attending a Chinese wedding as a guest.

Be the most beautiful bride!

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