Guide to Chinese Restaurant Dining for Beginners

Guide to Chinese Restaurant Dining for Beginners

Chinese restaurant dining is quite an experience. The variety of dishes available will give you a rollercoaster of flavorful emotions. Chinese cuisine has a diverse range of culinary tastes. If you have made a reservation at a chinese restaurant singapore, make the most out of it by following this guide.

Check the Website to See the Menu

Many restaurants these days have websites. Check out the Chinese restaurants’ website to see their updated menus. Most often they offer a wide array of dishes. Take your time to explore the menu beforehand. This will give you the time to research the best dishes that you should never miss out on.

Be Familiar with Ordering Etiquette

You must know how to properly order food and drinks at a Chinese restaurant. Chinese dining is often communal. This means that dishes served are meant to be shared like family-style. When you are ready to order, always consider what your companions prefer. Make sure that you order a variety of dishes.

Try to Use Chopsticks

Other eating utensils are available if you are not comfortable with chopsticks. But it’s a Chinese restaurant. So if you want to truly embrace the authentic dining experience, practice using chopsticks. Trying to use chopsticks can add to the overall cultural experience.


Chinese Dipping Sauces

Never dined at a Chinese restaurant before? Be prepared to try different dipping sauces. Sauces will complement a variety of dishes. Be familiar with the three common options – soy sauce, hoisin sauce, and chili oil. A combination of these can create different types of sauces.

Tea is a Staple

Chinese tea is a must-try. It’s an integral part of Chinese dining culture, there is a variety of drinks to choose from. To experience authentic Chinese dining, start your meal with hot tea. The most popular choice among Chinese diners is green tea. Others who prefer traditional Chinese drinks would order chrysanthemum tea.

Making a Reservation at a Chinese Restaurant

There are several Chinese restaurants in Singapore. Some are more popular than others for their food and overall service quality. Both locals and visiting tourists should only dine at the finest Chinese restaurants in Singapore.

Do your research in advance to look into your options. During peak seasons, it is best to book your reservations ahead of time. If you can’t call first to ensure that the restaurant you choose accepts walk-in diners.

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